why the world needs more women in tech

August 28th, 2015

Why we need more women in tech

Visit PROCAT Prospects College of Advanced Technology This PROCAT Digital website is produced to report on activity from the Digital Learning Fellowship at PROCAT Prospects College of Advanced Technology, funded by The Education and Training Foundation.

employer engagement

August 27th, 2015

Recruiting Great Apprentices

The Milkround School Leavers Career Confidence Survey Report 2015 recently interviewed over 130 businesses to find out more about the challenges they face when trying to find great candidates for their apprenticeship programmes. The results are shown below: Visit PROCAT Prospects College of Advanced Technology This PROCAT Digital website is… Read More »

digital learning fellowship news

August 26th, 2015

Digital Learning Newsletter

Digital Learning Newsletter The PROCAT Digital Learning Fellowship publish an e-newsletter to enable newsletter subscribers to keep up-to-date with all the Digital Learning activities, projects and events taking place. If you’d like to receive a copy of the e-newsletter, please type your email address in the box below and click… Read More »

procrastination in students

August 25th, 2015

How to stop procrastinating

How to stop your students from procrastinating September is fast approaching when students return to school, college and university. In a poll of 2,000 students it was found that procrastination was a major cause of stress in students. Help your students use technology for effective learning and help them with… Read More »

professional development for staff

August 24th, 2015

Free Vocational Education Course

Blended Learning Essentials: Getting Started – A free course for the Vocational Education and Training sector to promote effective practice and pedagogy in blended learning. Starting on the 2nd November 2015, is a free course by Future Learn, to help you make more effective use of technology to support your… Read More »

construction bricklaying students documentation

August 7th, 2015

Documentation on Building Sites

Learning about Documentation for Construction and Building Students As part of the Digital Learning Fellowship at PROCAT, Fellow Katharine Jewitt is building a Virtual Learning Environment for the college. A series of animations are being created for students to learn elements of their course. Watching the video animations, allows students… Read More »


August 6th, 2015


Makerspaces in Education Creativity, design and engineering are making their way to the forefront of educational considerations because of 3D printers, robotics and 3D modelling web-based applications. Makerspaces are community-oriented workshops where tech enthusiasts meet regularly to share and explore electronic hardware, manufacturing tools, and programming techniques and tricks etc…. Read More »

cad engineering students

August 5th, 2015

Digital Learning Exemplar

Digital Learning Exemplar for JISC The PROCAT Digital Learning Fellowship has been working with JISC to offer some snapshot case studies to update the Jisc guide to Enhancing the student digital experience in Further Education. The work of the fellowship closely fits the JISC project titled “Challenges of taking a… Read More »


August 4th, 2015

Know Your Hill Tops

What is your vision for the new academic year? Here is a useful activity for both Teachers and Students to think about over the summer. We are all discrete hill tops. From my hill top I see a vision…what do you see? Why do you not see my vision? Why… Read More »

construction student learning online

August 3rd, 2015

Hand Signalling

Hand Signalling on Building Sites The building of the virtual learning environment for PROCAT is progressing well, over the summer. Interactive resources and animations are being created to support student’s learning. This is an example of an animation that has been created for students to learn hand signals that are… Read More »