May 29th, 2015

Digital Learning Ambassadors

PROCAT to Offer £1200 Digital Learning Ambassador Scholarships

Digital Learning Ambassadors

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Digital Learning Ambassador Scholarships at PROCAT. Digital Learning Ambassadors will be appointed at all four campuses: Basildon, Southend, Southend Airport and Canvey Island. The scholarships are open to all students and apprentices studying at PROCAT.

As an ambassador, you’ll need to be friendly, motivated, a good communicator and passionate about using devices, software, apps and social media for the purpose of learning. Ambassadors will support staff and students to develop new skills, gain confidence and trial new approaches to technology enhanced learning.

We are looking for passionate and motivated candidates who have some experience in using technology, for example, devices, apps, software, websites, and social media. We also require you to selflessly dedicate time and energy to working with staff and students. This may be by coming into college a little earlier to share the responsibility of running a digital learning breakfast club, or taking part in activities over lunchtimes or after college. You will also need to be active users of technology and test out the use of digital tools in your spare time, perhaps at weekends or in the evenings. Communicating with other teaching staff and students will be key element to this role. A willingness to learn and share your learning is a must.

Digital Learning Ambassadors

The Digital Learning Ambassadors will work with Katharine Jewitt, PROCAT’s Digital Learning Fellow. Each week, you’ll be working on a new digital learning challenge. You will be trained in the use of digital technology and as a team, the ambassadors will roll out professional development on the use of technology for learning to both staff and learners.

You will support staff and learners to develop new skills, gain confidence and trial new approaches to technology enhanced learning. Ambassadors will be the digital champions to promote, offer advice and support in the use of digital tools in the classroom.

You will work as a team to develop a digital learning community to bring together all interested parties, from staff, students and other people from outside the college who are interested in using technology for learning

Together, the Digital Ambassadors team will co-create toolkits and resources in a variety of formats.

Ambassadors will identify and trial new apps and digital tools, learning technologies and examples of best practice. Ambassadors may be involved in hosting online webinars and breakfast clubs to share ideas, new skills and share best practice.

Please click this link for further details and to access the application form.

The deadline for applications closes on 2nd October 2015.

If you have any questions, please contact Katharine Jewitt, Digital Learning Fellow on email

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  1. Colin Dos Santos says:

    Dear Katharine

    I have downloaded and sent my application early last week as I had to work on the Friday and was unable to come into college and give it to the secretary. I haven’t received any confirmation that it was received though. Would you be able to check for me and see if it has been received? This scholarship is very important to me and would be greatly disappointed if I missed out on the chance of getting it just due to my application not being received

    Kind regards
    Colin Dos Santos

  2. Katharine Jewitt says:

    Hello Colin,

    Thank you for your message. I have sent you an email.

    Kind Regards,

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