June 24th, 2015

Brickwork E-Learning

Brickwork: Substructure and Superstructure is a brand new e-learning resource which provides detailed information vital for any learner studying bricklaying at levels 1 and 2.

Brickwork E-Learning


The resource is currently available for subscription with an early adopter discount up to 30th November 2015 and applies to one year (June 2015 to May 2016) of the agreement only, an Annual Commitment If, however, payment is made in full before 30 November 2015 for all three years of the discount will apply for the entire licence period, a Three Year Commitment


The material has been written by a bricklaying tutor with over 27 years of teaching experience and all the animations and 2D drawings have been scrutinised to ensure compliance with the latest building regulations. The content is designed to be:

• easy to navigate
• reinforces key learning objectives
• complements student centred learning or
• a comprehensive teaching tool for the brickwork tutor.

It is one of a series of e-learning materials currently in production and is aimed at meeting the FELTAG agenda.

Over three modules the material takes the learner through the construction process using high quality graphics to cover why we build using cavity walling, damp proofing materials and details, cavity wall insulation, openings and frames, flooring details, lintels including damp proof trays, through to building gable ends, even including how to construct a gable knee and use a ‘dead man’.

The material covers three modules taking the bricklaying learner from the building’s foundation, right through the construction phase, and onto building gable ends and parapet walls. It is possible to use this high quality content as an instructor classroom resource, for learners to complete as part of a blended solution or to build pre-course knowledge. Please take the time to explore the detailed course and consider how it will work best within your organisation.

This is the first module of a wide range of FE college content being developed by Cirrus e-learning and will soon be followed by:

Bricklaying: Brick Bonding
Bricklaying : Setting Out a Building
Bricklaying : Arches
Bricklaying : Chimney’s
Carpentry : Roofing
Painting and Decorating: Wallpapering

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