June 16th, 2015

Classroom Blogs

Classroom Blogs launching at PROCAT

As part of the fellowship project, we are introducing the use of blogs for students and instructors.

The word ‘blog’ is an abbreviation of web log, which is usually written ‘weblog’. A blog is is a web-based publication consisting primarily of periodic articles (called ‘posts’ or ‘postings’). Usually posts are published in reverse chronological order (latest at the top), and contain a mixture of text written by the blog author, quotations from other blogs or websites and links.

Classroom Blogs

Firstly watch this short fun clip on blogging. It explains blogs brilliantly.

There are lots of benefits for using blogs in education. They are a super collaborative tool for communicating and sharing. Students can share their thoughts on topics and you can create deeper and richer discussion and debates. They encourage students to reflect on a topic and discuss with their peers, as well as, sharing useful resources and information.

Blogs are a useful way to share apps and websites, online resources and other additional material for studying the course.

Blogs are a good way to develop digital literacy skills. Through blogging, staff and students develop technical skills, critical thinking skills through writing and commenting on blog posts and builds social engagement and interaction with course materials.

Blogging is a great way for learners to create their student voice by sharing topics and learning from each other. It increases confidence on subject matter and motivation. It’s a great way for students to work in different formats – video, text, images etc.

Students, Instructors, Parents / Guardians and Employers can all view the blog to keep up-to-date. You can create settings for the blogs for blog posts or comments to be approved before publishing. You can allow users to be able to read the blog or have additional rights, such as being able to write a blog post.

If you’d like a blog creating for your class, please email Katharine Jewitt.

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