November 10th, 2015

Colin Dos Santos Digital Learning Ambassador

Meet Digital Ambassador: Colin Dos Santos

colin dos santos

Hello, my name is Colin. I have recently had the privilege of becoming a Digital Learning Ambassador. I am 26 years old. I am originally from Zimbabwe, Africa. I did all of my high school years through correspondence and achieved my Cambridge IGCSE’s and HIGCSE’s through a college in South Africa. I moved to the UK when I was 19 to try and further my studies. This unfortunately never happened and I had to go straight into working full time. Then one day I had the opportunity of doing an apprenticeship with someone. It is possibly the best decision I have ever made in my life. This style of hands on learning was just down my street.

I have done my NVQ Level 2 in site carpentry and am currently now studying towards my Level 3 through an apprenticeship at PROCAT, Southend. I have enjoyed my time spent at PROCAT so far and have found the instructors to be a wealth of information and guidance. I hope to further my studies even more after I have finished this Level 3 course. I am the oldest person in my class and it was a little daunting, at first, when I started college having such a big age difference between myself and my fellow classmates, however, I have always believed in the fact you are never too old to both learn and further yourself academically.

Growing up in a third-world country has made me appreciate certain things that people just take as the norm here. There are so many things people often taken for granted because they have always had it. The education system and the aids available here are unknown where I grew up. That is one of things that drew me most to the Digital Learning Ambassador programme. Being involved in trying to incorporate technology more within the college to help both the students and staff there is really exciting to me.

As far as hobbies go in my spare time I enjoy gaming, playing guitar and spending time with friends. I also enjoy writing, both blogging as well as things like short stories or poetry.

I am excited by the prospects that the Digital Learning Ambassador programme has. The chance to gain new skills and knowledge along the way is always an added bonus. I feel that we have the potential to help so many people through this programme and potentially change the way that students currently see the resources available to them and the classroom they learn in. Technology gives us such a vast spectrum of resources to pull from to aid both students and teachers. There are so many possibilities out there and we hold the keys. I am looking forward to working alongside the Digital Learning Ambassadors and our Digital Learning Fellow, Katharine Jewitt, to achieve all the goals that we have.