January 12th, 2016

Continuous Professional Development Leader

PROCAT is recruiting for a Continuous Professional Development Leader

Continuous Professional Development Leader

Responsible to: Director of Learning

Responsible for: All staff continuous professional development

Key tasks:

To devise and implement the Continuous Professional Development Strategy in order to deliver the future strategic direction of the College’s human resource.

To provide the lead on specific areas such as organisational training and development, employee relations, communication and wellbeing, succession planning, as well as delivering best practice CPD systems and process improvements to deliver improvements and provide tools to support managers to help them achieve their CPD strategic objectives.

Post specific duties:

1. To create and deploy an effective long-term CPD Strategy which compliments the College’s Self-Assessment report/Corporate Plan and establishes clear objectives and all necessary delivery mechanisms.

2. To provide outstanding leadership of the CPD function, ensuring that targets are met and performance improved, both on an individual and a team basis.

3. To lead organisational development CPD change programmes designed to ensure that services are developed and delivered in accordance with strategic aims and values of the College.

4. To deliver advice, support and information by translating expert knowledge into an appropriate format, helping colleagues understand the options available and, where appropriate, making recommendations.

5. To support and empower managers across the organisation to make sound CPD related decisions.

6. To help foster and maintain a continuous professional development and learning culture which reflects the College’s strategic objectives and improves performance.

7. To contribute to the development of a proactive and vibrant staff development programme which will develop capability at both individual and team levels in line with the College’s vision and Strategy and lead to organisational improvement and success.

8. To lead strategies to develop and nurture talent within the organisation by implementing a proactive approach to succession planning and developing and improving people management skills across the College.

9. To deliver professional teaching training, as well as, training to support both teaching and non-teaching staff. Where appropriate, source external training.

10. To effectively manage the college’s continuous professional development and training plans.

11. To generate innovative and proactive CPD solutions and training strategies and well-being initiatives.

12. To develop policies and practices which enable the College to attract and retain the staff needed to support its growth and success.

13. To ensure the Cezanne HR system is up-to-date for all aspects of CPD, appraisal reviews and objective setting and that all staff are appropriately trained in the delivery of successful CPD.

For you own teaching
• Use of ‘best practice’ teaching and assessment guidelines and support. Coach, mentor and observe learners and identify training needs
• Inspire learners and encourage motivation for lifelong learning

Please visit the careers page on the PROCAT website to apply.