November 11th, 2015

Dan Payne Digital Learning Ambassador

Meet Digital Ambassador: Dan Payne

PROCAT Digital Learning Ambassador Dan Payne

Hi, my name is Daniel Payne, this is my introduction post. I’m an IT Support Technician based at the PROCAT Basildon campus. I was asked to take part in the Digital Ambassador programme by Katharine Jewitt.

Before joining PROCAT I previously worked at a local school, doing a Level 2 IT Diploma apprenticeship with ITEC Learning Technologies for 2 years. After completing this I moved on to the Level 3 Diploma which took a year to complete, and after my apprenticeship was finished I was employed by the school for a further year. During the time on the apprenticeship I gained many Microsoft qualifications and certificates, including a Microsoft Certified Professional title, the CompTIA A+ certification, and also lots of experience working in a demanding educational environment.

In my spare time I enjoy gaming, astronomy and photography. I host and maintain gameservers/voiceservers for a community of around 300 static members, with many more guests and visitors daily. I also host websites and forum communities for friends. While doing this I’ve gained lots of experience with Linux/CentOS, SQL and general public-facing server administration.

I have my own ESXi cluster at home which consists of 3 high-spec Dell/HP rack servers. I use to test and experiment with software and services that we use at work, including SCCM, WSUS and many others. I also use this to test updates/patches before I deploy them to my gameservers.

I’m looking forward to the challenges that the Digital Ambassador Programme brings, and can’t wait to see what we’ll all achieve!