January 5th, 2016

Digital Learning Fellowship Jan -Mar 2016

The digital learning fellowship funded by The Education and Training Foundation is funded until March 2016.

In order, to ensure sustainability of our growth in the use of digital learning technology, the follow actions will progress, following the appointment of Katharine Jewitt to the post of Director of Learning for PROCAT.

• The work of the digital learning fellowship will continue to be led by Katharine Jewitt who from the 4th January has been appointed as Director of Learning.

• The majority of Katharine’s time until the 15th January will be fully taken up with preparations for the digital learning fellowship dissemination event. The final milestone, following the event, is the completion of the final report, which Katharine will be producing.

• One of my key objectives as Director of Learning, is leading on the continuation of the digital learning strategy across the college, including the VLE.

• We are recruiting a permanent full time resource for digital learning technology, reporting directly into Katharine. This will ensure sustainability beyond the fellowship. The post holder will start in February 2016.

• In addition, we have the team of three Digital Learning Ambassadors who received a 1-year scholarship, which commenced October 2015.

• There are digital learning champions embedded within the teaching staff team who will be presenting at the digital learning fellowship dissemination event next Friday.

• The Digital Learning Community of Practice will also continue beyond the fellowship.