June 22nd, 2015

Digitalising Student Registration

Enhancing the student experience by digitalising registration

Enhancing the student experience by digitalising registration

This summer, PROCAT will be operating a digitalised student registration process with the implementation of electronic signatures. This avoids printing 10 page student contracts for 1000+ students and then scanning all the pages back into the learning management system.

We have chosen to use DocuSign because it is very easy to work and there’s no signature pad required. It is cost effective and allows us to download an app and operate offline, if we incurred a loss of internet access during the registration day.

The whole student registration process will be accelerated and improve our data quality. We will be able to eliminate all paper and enhance the student experience.

The new electronic registration process alllows us to work with our existing learning management system and so there is no requiremen for us to create new templates.

It allows us to reduce our costs, saving money on paper, ink and staff time to print, collate and scan documents.

The whole process significantly reduces our time to administer student registration.

E-Signatures provide a more legally binding signature than pen and paper, complete with a timed audit trail. The IP Address, date and time are logged to meet requirements for this to be a legal binding document.

At the time the student needs to sign, we upload the student word doc form from our learning management system to docusign. The staff member drags a signature box from docusign over the sign box on the word document for the student to sign.

Please note that the upload to docusign cannot be done in advance, unless you are then immediately clicking the link to send it to the student direct by email to sign.

If we download the docusign app from the website, this allows documents to upload at the time of student signature and queue all the signed word documents offline, in case there is no internet connection. There’s no need to use the app, if you are online. It’s just if you are working offline.

The student signs the box – if with a touch screen eg ipad, this can be done with your finger or stylus pen. If it is a laptop, the student can select a signature font and uses the keypad to type the signature. All documents are saved in docusign so can be retrieved from there, once signed.

We only needed a license for docusign which was a basic professional version, rather than the business options. It is £168 per user per year.

After the license costs, we will save in the region of £2000 every year through the elimination of staff time to print, collate and scan student contracts, eliminate the cost of paper and ink.

Here is the link to find out more about docusign.

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