August 7th, 2015

Documentation on Building Sites

Learning about Documentation for Construction and Building Students

construction student learning online

As part of the Digital Learning Fellowship at PROCAT, Fellow Katharine Jewitt is building a Virtual Learning Environment for the college.

A series of animations are being created for students to learn elements of their course. Watching the video animations, allows students to learn key topics from any device, anywhere at any time and provides flexibility for students to student at their own pace. Students can pause, rewind and fast forward and stop to make notes.

The videos are also useful for revision and to recap on study material and are provided in short 1-2 minute bite-sized study clips.

The animations allow teaching staff to set students the task of watching the short 1-2 minute clips before class time, so that lesson time can be more productive and enable more involved group discussion and questions to take place.

This animation covers the subject of documentation for Bricklaying and Construction students.

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