July 23rd, 2015

Engaging with Employers

Learning will be enriched in college through the use of technology in the workplace

Developing PROCAT as a digital leader, we need to understand the challenges and opportunities of digital technologies for teaching and learning. We also need to keep ahead with developments and trends in the FE and skills sector, as well as, being up-to-date in general policy.

For employability of our students, PROCAT need to be delivering e-Portfolios and digital skills. We must deliver on the recommendations from key strategic reports, for example, The Association of Colleges and the Association for Learning Technology have collaborated on a report titled “A summary discussion of the use of learning technologies in further education” Another is the FELTAG report

Promoting E-Learning

To succeed in the digital landscape, PROCAT needs to understand the changing needs of learners and employers and work with both stakeholders to ensure our courses are relevant. Technology has to be identified, that is relevant to our needs and we need to ensure, we have the infrastucture and staff skills required to deliver a 2020 vision for the future.

Work-based learning is increasingly an important part of further education curriculum. Many students at PROCAT study because they want to enhance their career and employment prospects through an apprenticeship. Digital technology will provide functional areas the opportunity to give their teaching programmes added value when it comes to enabling students to achieve a range of learning outcomes and for employers to be engaged in a three-way partnership. This includes co-ordination of off- and on-the-job learning and real-time oversight for employers of their employees’ progress.

Learning will be enriched in college through the use of technology in the workplace, for example, live streaming of industrial processes which can only be carried out in a live manufacturing or operational environment. These live sessions can be supported by live interviews with industry experts and live question and answer sessions with students, direct with the employer and workforce.

With the use of technology, learning can become far more opportunistic by students being able to ‘pick and mix’ their blended learning elements and take advantage of PROCAT’s unique partnerships with industry.

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