June 26th, 2015

How to create a QR code

How to create a QR code

QR codes are very simple to create.

1. Visit a QR code generator website.
2. Type in the url (website address you want the qr code to scan to
3. Click “Create QR code”
4. You can then click download to save the image. You can then add this to a document / print off. (The website will ask if you want to sign up to manage create or analyse, click the X to close this. You don’t need this. There is a charge after the free trial). The free version is fine. The picture of the QR code will download. You’ll probably see it in a zip file in the bottom left of your screen).
5. Another option is to click “embed QR code” this allows you to copy the code and add to a website (useful if you decide to keep a student blog and you want students to scan the code to direct them elsewhere.

You need an URL for the QR code to go to ie. Website pages.

Finally, you’ll need to ask participants to download a QR reader app to their smart phone. Easy to find in their app store on their phone and free to download and use.

They open the app on their phone and hold the screen up to your QR code to scan it. The website will then open up.

You might want to gather a collection of useful websites as resources for studying a particular unit. Ask the students to research and provide one website and to say why they find it useful. Ask them to create a QR code with the website URL and print it off. Stick them around the classroom and create a treasure hunt for students to scan and work through the resources. You might give them a list of questions to answer or a number of things they need to find out about.

This learning wheel was created by Blackburn college and provides ideas about how to use QR codes.

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