January 7th, 2016

Ideas on how to embed Maths into lessons

Using Digital technology to support Maths and English

1. Ask students to do a piece of research on “When will I ever need maths” – students have to come up with their own uses of maths when given an area of work.

2. Use posters as lesson starters to discuss how maths is used in the real world. There are a great range of posters suitable for FE colleges here (scroll down the page to view the posters).

3. There are lots of stereotypes and misconceptions when it comes to mathematics and mathematical careers. A good way of challenging these is through role models of successful people who are using mathematics. Talk about career paths and show how people use mathematics at work.

4. Keep a scrap book of articles which uses mathematics in the media or cut outs of job adverts which required mathematics. Ask your students to bring an article in for discussion.

5. Use these profiles to have class discussion around careers and the importance of maths. Click here to access.

Useful websites to embed Maths into lessons

Wolfram mathworld
A host of classroom resources
Maths posters and other resources
See also this padlet wall of resources collated during The PROCAT Digital Learning Community of Practice