July 20th, 2015

Independent Learning

Independent Learning for Students – At PROCAT, we are developing the use of appropriate technologies for the best learning experiences for our students.

Digital technology has a fundamental role to play in enhancing the learning experience of PROCAT’s students and improving efficiency for staff and students by enabling independent learning.

However, technology is an enabler for enhanced and engaged learning, not the principle driver. We will always be continually innovating with new technologies, but at the same time, we will also carefully evaluate digital technology innovations for their effectiveness in teaching and learning.

Independent Learning for Students

Our aim is to support learners in learning effectively in a technology-rich, digital world. The use of digital technology can aid students to develop independence and autonomy and build support networks amongst their fellow students. Through the development of digital learning, PROCAT will be able to provide flexibility for students in using their own devices and make learning convenient for their work based learning situations.

We want to use digital technology to encourage learner independence and support personal development by providing a range of learning opportunities, content and resources. Through the use of technology, students will be able to study through work-based and home-based learning and allow them to personalise their requirements and reduce isolation when they are away from the college working in an apprenticeship. The use of technology will provide students with access to guidance, advice, learning resources and a way to record their achievements through e-portfolios.

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