August 4th, 2015

Know Your Hill Tops

What is your vision for the new academic year?

Know Your Hill Tops

Here is a useful activity for both Teachers and Students to think about over the summer.

We are all discrete hill tops. From my hill top I see a vision…what do you see? Why do you not see my vision? Why are you seeing things differently? What is important? I see this vision…

Spend some time now putting pen to paper and draw your vision, your hill top. What do you see?

Know Your Hill Tops

Don’t worry if you don’t like drawing – use words, pictures or matchstick people to represent your vision. What does sitting on your hilltop and looking out into the sunshine look like from your viewpoint, when the academic year is complete?

Write down how you’d like to see your hilltop vision at the end of the academic year and then go out to achieve it!

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