June 19th, 2015

Learning Wheels

DEBORAH MILLAR. Head of eLearning, Blackburn College is leading a project funded by Learning Futures, creating a series of learning wheels for embedding technology in teaching and learning

learning wheels
@BryanMMathers created this graphic for the project (FELTAG Illustrator)

Blackburn College have created a series of learning wheels, which I think are brilliant and something I’m sure you will find useful. The project has been funded by Learning Futures. Blackburn are also inviting other colleges to join their learning wheels project by creating learning wheels in different topics. These will then be shared across all colleges.

The wheels show a variety of digital learning content and resources for your teaching and learning. They’re great for you to try something new and gain knowledge in using digital tools.

If you’d like to create a learning wheel in a topic of your choice, please email me so you can be involved in the project. I’m happy to work with you on any wheels you’d like to create. Each of the four segments of the wheel have 17 actions listed. Here is the learning wheel template to create your own.

Please make use of the learning wheels already created:

How to use QR codes to engage learners
How to use Moodle to engage your learners
Assistive Technology
Blendspace Learning Wheel
How to use blendspace in 8 easy steps
How to use Twitter in Maths
How to use Twitter to engage learners studying English language
Guide to using Twitter
You can find out more about the project from this interactive PDF.
Four Modes of engagement in the learning wheel

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