November 13th, 2015

LinkedIn Charter

LinkedIn Charter digital learning ambassadors

The team of Digital Learning Ambassadors at PROCAT have been set their first challenge to help our learners get the most out of the professional networking tool, LinkedIn. We will be using LinkedIn as a technical solution, in order to improve employment chances of our learners.

Digital Learning Ambassadors will be coaching learners to build an electronic CV throughout their time at PROCAT, recording projects and work experience, tracking skills and achievements and gathering endorsements from their Instructors and Employers.

Using LinkedIn benefits students because by the time they leave college, they will have built up a CV showing not just work experience but employability skills too.

It helps our learners be discovered. When employers search for a name in a search engine,it’s highly likely that their LinkedIn profile appears top.

The project will also aim to achieve the following:
• Significantly increase the use of LinkedIn by staff, learners and employers so that they are
empowered to make connections, widen their network and recognize the importance of
having an online presence for their professional development.
• Learners will develop into independent networkers and find networking more interesting and stimulating.
• Become more confident when attending job interviews, being armed with company information and having a robust profile.
• Establish connections with employers so they have direct access to learner profiles and develop better links between the college, its staff and learners to talk about skills and
employer expectations.
• Ask local employers through connections made on LinkedIn, what their problems are and bring them into the college. This is an excellent way for students and employers to collaborate and work together on problem solving real-life issues. Students can claim credits for them and build connections with employers.
• Save time on the recruitment of apprenticeships, because there are links with employers, which are continuous, visible, active and up-to-date.

For more information on the Digital Learning Ambassadors first project, please read the LinkedIn project Charter here.

You can visit the Digital Learning Ambassadors website here.