June 18th, 2015

Make Learning Fun

Using online flashcards and games for learning

Today, I asked a class of Year 11s, who are not IT literate, to create a set of flashcards to learn keyboard shortcuts when working in Microsoft Word. We set up a free account using Cram and were quickly creating a fantastic reusable and interactive learning resource which can be added to the virtual learning environment for future use.

I recommend you give this resource a try with your students and ask them to create a set of flashcards. It’s relevant for all subjects.

Instead of asking students to learn a long list of 40 shortcuts (BORING and DIFFICULT!), they learned without realising by creating a set of online flashcards.

keyboard shortcuts

Cram automatically transforms the flashcards created, into a game “Jewels of Wisdom”. You can see the jewels game on learning keyboard shortcuts here.

keyboard shortcuts

The website allows you to create flashcards, memorize, test and play games. Once we created the flashcards, I skipped the first three tabs and the students dived straight into “Games”. They loved playing jewels and at the same time learned the short cuts. Students were competitive to beat the high score. They really enjoyed it and said how much fun the lesson was. How often do you have Year 11s saying learning a boring subject like keyboard shortcuts is fun?! Have a quick play and see if you can beat our high score!

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