October 16th, 2015

Microsoft Hololens

Coming to classrooms in the next 3-5 years….

Microsoft Hololens

I thought you may be interested to learn about an exciting new technology called Hololens that has been created by Microsoft. It is a headset that enables holograms to integrate with the real world. This may seem very futuristic, but this will be in widespread use in our schools and colleges within 5 years. This is being used and tested now in education, watch the 3-minute section from the following video to see how. Skip forward to 11 minutes:

There are other interesting topics in this video at the following points:

• Using robotics with maker kits and raspberry pi – Skip to 19 minutes 15 seconds
• Hololens in the Construction Industry – Skip to 8 minutes
• Potential classroom customisation – Skip back to 3 minutes

Also, watch this short 4 minute clip showing the hololens. There is endless opportunity for this to be used in education. Imagine our students learning health and safety by experiencing dangers and having to put out virtual fires.

Finally, I wanted to highlight to you, the power of mobile phones in this clip with the use of the Microsoft display dock. Watch the clip between 42-49 minutes: