January 11th, 2016

Nao Robot

Nao Robot arrives at PROCAT. The next generation of humanoid robots

PROCAT have purchased Nao Robot to support the development of curriculum in robotics and programming.

The use of a robot is beneficial to both FE students, apprentices and HE students. It strongly supports the kind of active learning we want to develop with our young people eg. Team work, problem solving, communication skills and other T-Shaped person qualities, as well as, being lots of fun to learn.

Using Nao in robotics classes supports the development of our robotics curriculum for conceptual and theoretical models. Students program and use the robot to bring their programming to life.

It also provides hands-on experiments for students who will be able to program the robot to carry out movements, lift objects etc and investigate problem solving scenarios – eg. Obstacles or why the task is not executed as expected.

Watch this video to find out more about Nao:

Rapid are also offering free training in the use of the robot at their site in Colchester. Visit here for more information.