November 16th, 2015

New System for Employer Funding Options

Website Shop to communicate funding options to Employers

The digital learning fellowship project introduced a new system for quoting and charging employers for training. During visits to employers to discuss apprenticeship sign-ups, the advisers are able to use the web shop to clearly communicate funding options. The web shop enables employers to understand what contributions they are responsible for making, towards the cost of training. The Advisers also use the web shop to communicate other commercial courses.

prospects college of advanced technology basildon campus web shop

Advisers access the website web shop whilst on site and can easily and effectively discuss the options with the employer, communicate funding options and the employer can be emailed an instant quotation.

The web shop details all frameworks available, along with accreditation and additional memberships. Additional professional development courses can also be purchased

The pricing options for apprenticeship training can be quite complicated and the web shop has proved successful in providing a system for employers to clearly see the price of full frameworks and discounts related to the number of apprentices recruited, along with loyalty bonuses and prices dependent on the age of learners.

The system is easy to use for both Employers and Advisers and all quotations are logged and immediately available to the Commercial team at the college, whilst the Adviser is still out on site.