May 26th, 2015

Pearson School of Thought

Exploring A Vision for the Future of Learning

Pearson have created a series of three videos, which are interesting to watch to see a vision into the future of learning. Many elements shown in the videos are already being used today.

View the introduction from John Fallon, CEO of Pearson plc, here:

Learn more about the video series and research here:­ing/videos

In the first episode of the School of Thought video series, the future of education technology is explored by following Rey, a high school student. Using games and simulations, Rey is highly engaged with a performance assessment, which requires him to apply higher-order thinking skills to work through thematically-linked activities set in real-world contexts.

Victoria, a middle school student, experiences education through the support of human and automated interventions in the second installment of the School of Thought series. Her curricula and presentation are customized to her learning style, with the speed and automated assessment tailored to her level of performance. Future technologies help her learn through real-world experiences in new ways.

In the third video in the School of Thought series, Simone, an adult learner, uses technology to direct her own learning path. Simone has a hyper-connected and contextual educational experience with assessments that happen during the learning process that are unnoticed by her. Her learning is complete with augmented reality, learning that can happen anywhere and anytime, and a massive online course.

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