There is no doubt that prenominal changes in education are occurring. Technology is starting to radically change the way we educate our children. Education is having to compete with leisure technology and the use of readily available devices such as tablets and smart phones. Faster internet speeds, cheaper computing devices and greater scientific advances in the understanding of how our brain works and how we learn is opening up new opportunities for making effective use of technologies in education and expanding online offerings.

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But all this technology will not take us anywhere without the teachers. They are at the heart of education, orchestrating the game of learning and providing one-to-one support, riding the rollercoaster of discovery with students and often learning with them. Teachers in the 22nd century will be asked to teach a generation of students they do not understand. The focus is no longer on passing on old knowledge, but equipping our future generations with agility and smartness to deal with what none us can predict the future will hold. The task for teachers of the future is how to use the immense power of technology and transform students into higher performers than earlier generations.

Today’s students are born into a digital revolution with a 24/7 lifestyle immersed in technology. Educational institutions have to up their game if they are to compete against the proliferation of technological competitors. Institutions need to address new competitive niches. Teachers need to learn how to use technology effectively for learning.

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