May 19th, 2015

Study Tools

Study Tools To Help You Reach Your Potential!

Study Tools To Help You Reach Your Potential

Throughout the Digital Learning Fellowship, I will be sending you tools and tips you can use with your students. The ones below are helpful in revision time, as well as, for students going forward with their future studies.


Speed Reading


Virtual Flashcards & More


Beautiful Slide Shows


Share Your Online Whiteboard


Spreeder is an awesome tool to get through a big chunk of text quickly. The basic idea is that words flash up one-by-one, meaning your eyes never have to move, saving you a great deal of time. Although it might not all go in at first ‘spreed’, replaying two or three times can really help get it stick. There is also less chance of drifting off into dream world, as it does demand a certain level of concentration to focus on the rapidly changing words. The custom settings can allow you to change speed, font size and colours- and with full screen mode there is no chance of Facebook sticking around to distract!
Web: Yes Android: No Apple: No


Do you love flashcards? Well Studyblue is for you! Cloud source your study cards and work on decks with everyone else in your class or tutor group. The app allows you to not only write on both sides of the card- but also insert voice recordings and photos, allowing your flash cards to not only be far easier to carry about, but far more dynamic. And because everything gets shared amongst classmates, the amount of resources you have grows quickly. Still not a hugely popular app, which is perhaps it’s only negative, because for these sorts of things the more users, the better the content- but still the best flashcard app about.
Web: Yes Android: Yes Apple: Yes

Haiku Deck

Haiku deck is the tool for the lazy to create something beautiful. All you need to do is pick your theme, type your text onto your slides and then fantastic, related images will appear behind it. A Haiku is short and sweet, and the point of this tool is that you text should be as well- the less text on the slide the better it looks to your audience, and the better chance that the image found will be very relevant.

Web: Yes Android: No Apple: Yes


Aww stands for ‘A Web Whiteboard’ and that is literally all this is, is a blank canvas on your screen for you to doodle and write on. What makes this different from Paint however is that you can share these whiteboards with other people! A brilliant way to all work on the same problems at the same time from different screens. What sets it apart from other sites that do the same thing is just how simple it is to use, and how clean the design is. Very much worth a try!
Web: Yes Android: Yes Apple: Yes

I will be creating a bank of tools to help you with your teaching. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me!
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