June 15th, 2015

Summer Challenge – Tech Prizes to Win!

Win an Ipad! Summer Challenge

I am asking all teaching staff to join me in the summer challenge to produce a learning plan for each major topic in their syllabus with an element of digital learning to support flipped learning.

Please add a comment to this blog to join the challenge and for your chance to win a range of prizes, including an Ipad.

So here’s the Two-Step Challenge!

Bradley Lightbody is a best selling education author and Managing Director of College Net. Bradley will be speaking at the Digital Learning Event to be held at PROCAT, Basildon on the 27th November 2015. Details will be published on the events page of this website. Bradley shares on his College Net website two templates which will be useful to consult for the challenge – see below. Please adapt or adopt the downloads as you wish.

Step One: Create a Year Planner

Select an eye-catching photograph or diagram that reflects the curriculum. Please Email: katharine.jewitt@procat.ac.uk if you need locating, a specific royalty free image. Click here to download the year planner.

A key area of feedback from the Student Focus groups recently held was the desire from students to receive the full picture of their course from the start. Students said they want to see what is expected of them and what they will cover over the duration of the course.

Step Two: Create individual Learning Plans

For each key topic listed on the calendar page you are going to create a Learning Plan and introduce elements of digital learning. I have been using this learning plan which is two sides of A4 printed back to back as presented in the example for download.Click here to download the individual learning plan. I’ve slightly adapted the template from Bradley Lightbody to include a section on English and Maths, rather than ‘library resources’ which is on the orginal at his website. Please adapt your current learning plans to include digital learning, following the questions asked in the template designed by Bradley Lightbody.

Click here to download instructions from Bradley Lightbody on how to complete the learning plans.

Take a look at your current schemes of work and lesson plans and look at where elements of digital learning can be introduced in the classroom and for students to work on in their free study time.

Additional Useful Resources available on Bradley Lightbody’s website:

Big Picture Diamond Lesson Plan

The Big Picture Lesson Plan

Don’t forget the Triptico training taking place in June and weekly webinars taking place from 1st June. See the events page on this website for details to be published.

See also the Digital Learning Resources on this website.

Throughout the time of the summer challenge, I will be posting learning plans here with examples of digital learning elements, so there will be lots of resources to draw upon for you to adapt for your own subjects. My learning plans, using Bradley Lightbody’s template, will cover learning the Microsoft Office suite.

By the end of the summer, we will have a whole bank of digital learning resources to share and use with our students, which will be used to create a new virtual learning environment (VLE).

How to win!

As you update a lesson plan with a digital learning element, email: katharine.jewitt@procat.ac.uk with a copy. Throughout June, July and August, random draws will be made for the super prizes to be won and the winners announced on this website. For all Staff who complete lesson plans for all their syllabus including elements of digital learning, they will be put into a final draw, in September, to win the Ipad. All prizes to be won are displayed above in the slideshow.

Happy Creating and Good Luck!

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