May 20th, 2015

Toolbox Training Talks

Toolbox Training Talks

Toolbox Talks Information

As part of my role as Digital Learning Fellow, I will be running toolbox talks which will be quick, bite sized training sessions in a variety of digital learning subjects.

Toolbox talks will be run at all campuses for all staff, including non-teaching staff. Toolbox Talks will be held, as part of, your regular team meeting slots. Special sessions can also be run on request in groups or on a one-to-one basis. I am also available to attend classes or self-study time to run toolbox talks with Students.

Toolbox Talks, as well as, tips and tricks, will also be published on this website.

Some examples of toolbox talk subjects are:

  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Creating animations and videos using online web tools – useful for both Students to present their learning and projects and for Staff
  • Creating posters using online web tools – useful for both Students and Staff
  • Creating podcasts using online web tools – useful for both Students and Staff
  • Making use of free online tools, such as flash cards, mindmapping, sketchnoting and storyboarding
  • Digital Literacy skills for both Staff and Students
  • Study Skills for Students. Learning how to learn effectively
  • Using virtual reality in your teaching
  • The use of mobile devices in teaching and learning
  • Virtual Learning Environment
  • QR codes in learning

Toolbox talks will be starting June 2015. If you have any particular topics, that you’d like to see featured in a toolbox talk, please leave a comment here or email Katharine Jewitt directly.

Please visit the “Procat Training Events with Katharine Jewitt” Link on this website to view all upcoming Training Workshops.

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