December 2nd, 2015

Useful Tools for Self-Study

Independent Learning for Students

Here are some useful digital tools for students to use either in the classroom or in self study time.

I recommend you direct your students to these sites when they need to revise for exams. Transforming things such as formula, facts, figures, definitions into a game makes it much easier to learn.

If students are learning complicated subject matter, sometimes watching a video first, can really aid their understanding. I recommend the Khan Academy – . Ask students to look up terms and subjects they are studying and take a look at the videos available.

The Khan Academy is free to use.

Another very useful site is Cram

This allows students to list everything they want to learn in flashcards, which magically transforms into a game.

Follow these instructions to use Cram:

Click on the green button on the right called “Create flashcards”

Type a title in the “set title” box e.g formulas.

Scroll down and you’ll see lots of white boxes. In the left hand side write something and then in the right hand side write the answer. You can add pictures in too.

You can add as many cards as you like. You can keep adding to them at a later date too.

Make sure you create at least 15 flashcards or it won’t be effective.

Click “create set” to finish.

You’ll then be asked to log in – Create username and password or sign in with your Facebook account / Twitter if you have them.

It will ask you to fill in an email address.

Don’t tick the boxes to newsletter etc unless you want to.


You’ll then see a screen with all your cards. Click the “games” tab

Click “play now” for jewels of wisdom

Click ‘play game’.

You can click on the other tabs “flashcards”,”memorise” “test” and “Games” to work through learning in different ways.

See a ready made cram game here on how to learn keyboard shortcuts

The Digital Learning Ambassadors have been testing out digital tools and recommend PowToon and Adobe Voice. Read their blog posts here:

PowToon Videos

Adobe Voice to demonstrate learning