July 31st, 2015

Visiting Procat Digital

Visiting Procat Digital for the first time – here’s how to find your way around the website

Top Menu

When you visit the PROCAT Digital website, you will see the top menu at the top of the website.

Visiting Procat Digital

This shows how the website is categorised and split into six menu subject areas:

  1. Independent Learning
  2. CPD
  3. Employer Engagement
  4. Events
  5. Blog
  6. Resources

In addition, there is also a menu tab for “Events” which details all upcoming digital learning events and the final button on the menu leads to the “Blog”. The blog button shows all the blogs posts from all the four subject areas. The final tab on the top menu called “Fellowship Project Outputs” links to project resources produced as part of the digital learning fellowship project.

So you have the option to read blog posts by topic area by clicking on one of the four subject areas or by viewing all posts by date from the blog menu option.

Rotating Main Banner

Immediately after the top menu, you will see the rotating banner. This shows key information for visitors to the site and also highlights any hot topics you should be aware of first. The banner automatically rotates around the topics. If you hover your mouse over the banner, you’ll see arrows appear on the left and right. You can click on these arrows to manually scroll through the banners. Click on any of the banner images to read the story.

You’ll also see dots underneath the banner images. This shows you how many banners are currently rotating around. You can also click on the dots to go directly to another banner.

Visiting Procat Digital

Latest News from the Blog

The next item shown on the website home page, is a revolving stream of blog posts. This shows the last seven blog posts to have been published on the website. You can click on any for the blog posts to open up.

Visiting Procat Digital

Three main subjects of the website

The next section provides some background to the Digital Learning Fellowship, headed by the Digital Learning Fellow, Katharine jewitt and sponsored by The Education and Training Foundation.

You’ll then see three images. You can click on each to access all the blog posts relating to that particular subject and some further information on each.

Visiting Procat Digital

Most Popular Blog Posts

The next section of the website shows images which link directly to a specific blog post. This sections shows the most popular blog posts being read at the time.

Visiting Procat Digital

Side Menu

When you click on any page away from the home page, you’ll see a side menu which provides quick access links to navigate to areas of the website. You can quickly view most recent posts, recent comments, click on a month of the year to view all blogs published in that month or click on blog posts by theme, from the categories menu.

Finally, take your time and enjoy reading the site. Please leave comments on any blog posts, to share ideas and experiences, make suggestions or provide feedback.

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This PROCAT Digital website is produced to report on activity from the Digital Learning Fellowship at PROCAT Prospects College of Advanced Technology, funded by The Education and Training Foundation.