November 17th, 2015

Week 1 Digital Learning Ambassadors

A blog post by the Digital Learning Ambassadors:

Our First Week as Digital Learning Ambassadors

digital learning ambassadors at PROCAT

Our first week in our new role as Digital Learning Ambassadors is now complete and it has been a busy one!

We’ve been getting started with our new website for Digital Learning Ambassadors at PROCAT – Prospects College of Advanced Technology.

We’ve set up our social networking accounts. You can follow us on Twitter. We are using the hashtag #DigitalAmbassadors. This week, we’ve been sharing tweets to introduce ourselves and sharing some handy tech tips and articles. Visit us here at the PROCAT Ambassadors Twitter feed.

We have been issued a Digital Learning Ambassador Portfolio to log and track all our activity and learning. You can see a copy here.

We’ve each posted an introduction about ourselves on the website blog. For quick reference, click here:

Colin Dos Santos
Dan Payne
Danny Crook

Our first project as Digital Learning Ambassadors is “Project LinkedIn”. All our projects are documented in a project charter. You can read more about our first project here. This week, we’ve been getting started with LinkedIn and started to create our profiles. More on that next week….

Have a good week.

The Digital Learning Ambassadors