November 25th, 2015

Week 2 LinkedIn – Digital Learning Ambassadors

Guest Post: Our Second Week as Digital Learning Ambassadors

linkedin project with digital learning ambassadors at PROCAT

We have completed our second week as Digital Learning Ambassadors. Our focus has been on our LinkedIn project. We are using LinkedIn to help students develop a professional, digital footprint for finding jobs and networking. We also want to use LinkedIn to engage with employers. You can read our LinkedIn project charter here.

We have been:

  • Creating our LinkedIn profiles
  • Learning how to use LinkedIn
  • Sharing messages on Twitter on advice on how to use LinkedIn
  • Working on ideas for hosting our first event in the campus canteens to encourage Students and Staff to use LinkedIn.
  • We’ve been talking to students about LinkedIn.
  • We have been working on some resources to help students and others use LinkedIn. We’ll be sharing our first resources next week.

  • This week, we also had our first Digital Learning Ambassadors team meeting, which you can read about here.

    Please connect with us on LinkedIn. Please log into LinkedIn and view and connect with our profiles:

    Colin Dos Santos
    Dan Payne
    Danny Crook